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Want to be a member?

Full Membership and 'Friend of the Colpoy's Bay WI Hall'


Membership in the Women's Institute

part of the Federated Women's Institutes of Ontario

As a full member of the Women's Institute, you can join us as we work to support our community through education, advocacy and volunteerism. It provides opportunities to contribute to the local community and to add your voice on issues as part of a larger group.

want to know more about the WI?

Support the Hall!

Help the Little Hall with Heart

We invite anyone to join us to support the Colpoy's Bay WI Community Hall. We hope to keep the hall an important and vibrant fixture in our community!

You can help by becoming a

Friend of the Colpoy's Bay WI Community Hall.

There are different levels of membership, and each one has its perks!


Level One


With this level, you will receive advance notice of all WI events and received our monthly newsletter, as well as invitations to special events, such as Friends and Family day for our Yard Sale.

Level Two


As a Level Two member, you will receive the benefits of a Level One membership and

- a 10% discount for one ticket to a WI event

- a $5 coupon for any WI fundraiser, such as the Plant Sale or the Yard Sale

Level Three


The Level Three membership provides all of the connections of Level One, plus

- 15% discount for one WI event ticket

- reserved seating for TWO at WI sponsored events

- $5 coupon for any WI fundraising event, such as the Plant Sale or Yard Sale

- discounted rate (15%) for one Hall rental

Want to know more?

Feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to answer any questions!

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