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About the Women's Institute

A Bit of History

The Colpoy's Bay Women's Institute was organized in December 1910 by Mrs. A. Watt at the home of Mrs. C/E. Whicher. They held monthly meetings in a local hall until it was destroyed by fire in 1917.

In 1927, the current Colpoy's Bay Women's Institute Community Hall was opened.

Since that time, the Colpoy's Bay WI has had a presence in the community, hosting dinners, concerts, lectures, and providing support for those in need. Although there have been many changes in the community and in the operations of the Women's Institute, it has been part of this area for almost 125 years!

Our group continues to host events for community members and those visiting the area. We host educational events, and work hard to support those in our community who are in need. We are always happy to welcome new members to our group!

We always have a community event to look forward to. 
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